Afternoon Book Discussion

The Dighton Library’s Afternoon Book Discussion group is meeting on Thursday, April 27 at 4:00 to discuss The Last Girls by Lee Smith.

From Booklist:/*Starred Review*/ In 1965, inspired by reading Huckleberry Finn for a favorite college teacher, a dozen young women took a raft trip down the Mississippi River to New Orleans. Thirty-four years later, four of these former Mary Scott College coeds duplicate the trip, this time on a riverboat quite luxurious compared to the craft they used before. Their reunion is not merely a way for them to catch up on each other’s lives; they also intend to spread the ashes of one in their group who recently died. There is the ever-repressed Harriet, the flamboyant romance writer Anna, the proper society lady Courtney, and the happily married Catherine, all of them accompanied, of course, by their memories of the irrepressible, irresistible, but manipulative Baby, now deceased. Achieving greater depths of characterization and heights of technique with each succeeding novel, Smith sets out here, as the women themselves set out on their trip, to explore various paths by which women journey from late adolescence to early middle age. With graceful, even brilliant shifts from past to present, Smith builds this absolutely inviting, completely compelling novel around the idea that “whatever you’re like in your youth, you’re only more so with age.” (Reviewed May 15, 2002) — Brad Hooper

last girls cover

Copies of the book are available at the library, and all are welcome to join the discussion. This book group typically meets on the last Thursday of every month at 4:00.