Afternoon Book Discussion Group

The Dighton Library’s Afternoon Book Discussion group is meeting Thursday, September 28 at 4:00 to discuss The Painted Drum by Louise Erdrich.

From Booklist: /*Starred Review*/ “Erdrich’s nine-volume cycle of novels revolving around an Ojibwe reservation in North Dakota has always carried within it a deep faith in the sacredness of the world and of the stories we tell one another. Her fiction looks fearlessly at the harshest experiences and finds within them both mystery and meaning. In her latest, former drug addict Faye Travers is an estate appraiser living in a small New Hampshire town. Faye, a thoroughly modern woman, has always regarded the Native American part of her background with a certain wariness. But her reserve crumbles when, upon being called to sell the possessions of the descendants of an Indian reservation agent, she finds a rare and valuable drum . She impulsively takes it home, where it wakes her at night with its haunting sounds. She tracks it back to the Ojibwe reservation in North Dakota, discovering how it was bartered away for alcohol. The drum  was originally made by a grieving father in tribute to his young daughter, who was eaten by wolves. Once the drum  is given back to its rightful owner, it plays a crucial role in guiding three young children, left alone in a freezing house with no food, to safety. It also serves to connect Faye to her heritage and to her deepest emotions. All of the voices that weave in and out of this narrative are, by turns, mournful and funny, rueful and proud, and always, even within the bleakest of circumstances, full of hope. If, for Erdrich, the reservation is the place of original sin, it is also the place of final redemption.” — Joanne Wilkinson (BookList, 06-01-2005, p1711)

Copies of the book are available at the library. All are welcome to attend.

Painted Drum