Massasoit, the Pilgrims and a World in Conflict

Edward Lodi book coverEdward Lodi returns to the Dighton Library on Thursday, March 31 at 6:30 to talk about his latest book, Massasoit’s Town Sowams in Pokanoket: Its History Legends and Traditions.

In the 1620s a warm friendship developed between Massasoit, sachem of the Wampanoags, and the Pilgrim Edward Winslow. In a brief booklet published in 1904 Virginia Baker wrote of that friendship and of the two visits Winslow made from Plymouth to the sachem’s home in what is now Warren, RI. On the second visit Winslow saved Massasoit’s life. The sachem returned the favor by warning Winslow of a plot by Massachusetts Indians to destroy Plymouth Colony.

In Massasoit’s Town, Edward Lodi has reprinted Baker’s well-researched booklet and added material of his own, focusing on the dangers faced by Massasoit (from the Narragansetts, Abenakis, and rivals within his own tribe) and the Pilgrims (from Corbitant of the Pocassets and Canonicus of the Narragansetts) and on the individuals, Indian and English, caught up in the fierce struggle for survival in early New England.

He welcomes questions during and after his talk; a book signing follows.

The talk is free. For more information visit or call (508) 669-6421.