King Philip’s War Book Talk

All are invited to hear local author and historian Edward Lodi speak about his latest book, Who When Where in King Philip’s War on Thursday, June 4 at 6:30 PM at the Dighton Town Hall (979 Somerset Ave., Dighton).

During his talk he will give a brief overview of the war, including its causes, its beginnings in Plymouth Colony, its rapid spread throughout New England, and its long-lasting effects on both the English and the Indians. He will focus on various individuals-men, women, and children, on both sides-who fought in the war, or were its victims, or who otherwise played significant or memorable roles.

Lodi, author or editor of more than a half dozen books pertaining to King Philip’s War, spent years researching material for his book, which includes an alphabetical Who’s Who of approximately 450 entries, with a brief biographical sketch for each; an almost day-by-day chronological listing that begins with events leading up to the war and continues until its tragic conclusion; and a listing of Indian Place Names. The book also features twenty-four illustrations.

He welcomes questions during and after his talk; a book signing follows.The talk is free and sponsored by the Dighton Public Library.

Who What Where in King Philip's War