Michael Tougias Returns

Michael Tougias returns to discuss his latest book, A Storm Too Soon, which gives a trueA storm too soon account of survival and dramatic rescue in the Gulf Stream in 2007.  Watch this clip from WCVB’s Chronicle: Storm Too Soon Feature

According to Tougias:

Seventy foot waves batter a tattered life raft 250 miles out to sea in one of the world’s most dangerous places, the Gulf Stream.  Hanging onto the raft are three men, a Canadian, a Brit, and their captain, JP DeLutz, a dual citizen of America and France.  The waves repeatedly toss the men out of their tiny vessel, and JP, with 9 broken ribs, is hypothermic and on the verge of death.  The captain, however, is a tough minded character, having survived a sadistic, physically abusive father during his boyhood, and now he’s got to rely on those same inner resources to outlast the storm.  

Four Coast Guardsmen, high above in their Jayhawk helicopter, are evaluating whether it will even be possible to rescue these seamen clinging to their life raft, as well as their own rescue swimmer in these seventy-foot waves. Tougias will show slides of the storm, the survivors and the rescue itself, photos that amazingly, came from the Coast Guard helicopter crew.”I enjoy doing these programs,” says Tougias, “because I like to transport the audience into the heart of the storm so that they ask themselves ‘what would I have done.’  I don’t like to do author readings because I think they are boring, but with a slide presentation, the viewer can visually relive the adventure.  It’s like watching a movie with the author giving behind the scene details.” A book signing will follow the program, and the presentation is suitable for all ages.Tougias, known for his fast paced writing style and character-driven stories, tells this true saga in the present tense to give the reader an “edge of your seat, you are there” experience.  A Storm Too Soon is a heart pounding read of survival, the power of the human spirit, and one of the most incredible rescues ever attempted.
Michael J. Tougias is an award-winning Massachusetts author of 20 books with Simon & Schuster including several true survival thrillers: Fatal ForecastOverboard!Ten Hours Until Dawn, and The Finest Hours (co-authored).  Tougias has received the American Library Association “Editors Choice” Award and the Independent Publishers “Best Nature Book of the Year” award.  Disney Studio’s is currently filming the movie version of his book The Finest Hours.  Visit www.michaeltougias.com  for more information.