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The Dighton Public Library is a community resource for the town of Dighton. In the summer of 2013, the Dighton Public Library lost valued public space after an inspection of the building with the Fire Chief and the Building Commissioner. The Young Adult space (teen area) of the building was closed, due to a lack of egress. Other issues were named in the inspection, and some  of them were addressed, such as the installation of fire alarms and emergency lighting.

During this time period, the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) was offering a Planning & Design grant, which offers funds to eligible libraries to conduct a feasibility study and hire an architect to study how to address facility, service and operational issues that are inherent to the current library facility. More information on the process of preparing the feasibility study and their outcomes can be found here.

With Special Town Meeting approval (October 29, 2013), the Library applied for the Planning and Design grant. The MBLC approved our application in June of 2014. Local funding was granted from the Community Preservation Committee and voted on at the 2015 Annual Town Meeting.

The First Step in this study process is writing the Building Program. From the MBLC, “A library building program is a document, based on data collected from the community, that serves as a guidebook or set of instructions from the library director, trustees and staff to the architect. To qualify for an MPLCP Construction grant, the document must be approved by the MBLC as part of the application process…articulates the library’s vision of its future and serves as a set of instructions to the architect. The architect confirms program requirements through independent investigation, and then begins conceptualizing a building that answers the needs expressed. Throughout the project, the building program serves as a yardstick to determine how true the design remains to that vision.”

The Dighton Public Library’s Building Program was written with input from the Library’s recent Strategic Plan, past surveys, and Town’s Master Plan.

Building Program 2015
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Building Program Acceptance from MBLC