Hit the Roof!

Join the Dighton Public Library for a relaxing summer concert of live music with Hit the Roof on Thursday, July 18 at 7:00 at Dighton’s Old Town Hall, 1111 Somerset Avenue in Dighton. 

Hit the Roof

Hit the Roof, from New York City, reinvigorates old songs with a new twist.

Older brother Matt plays the piano and keyboard as well as writes the melodies, lyrics and produces. Classically trained, Matt began exploring American music, finding himself in the world of blues, funk, soul, and country. However, Matt can never fully escape his classical roots. He always manages to write a contemporary classical piece here and there, or garnish a blues piece with classical influence. This combination of classical music with the blues opened the door to the progressive rock genre.  

Younger brother Albert is the drummer and loves transitioning from one rhythmic style to another, all within the same piece. Together they sample rock ‘n roll and New Orleans-style piano, which has roots steeped in boogie-woogie, gospel, classical, bluegrass, country and funk.  The audience is sure to enjoy an eclectic evening of musical fun. 

The Dighton Cultural Council, a local agency, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, has funded this performance in part, along with the Dighton Public Library.

This concert is free and open to the public. Registration is suggested. Call the Dighton Public Library at 508-669-6421 for more information.